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Many of these “caring” (ai xin) restaurants in Hong Kong promote the integration of various groups, most notably the elderly or disabled. These restaurants may produce fine goods and but also emphasises their duty to the community. Here are just a few restaurants for you, and if you are interested, hopefully, you can support them!

Delish ONE

Delish ONE is the first social enterprise of Po Leung Kuk that provides catering services, job opportunities and on-the-job training are provided to the underprivileged group.

It promotes healthy diet and serves delicate take-away menus for breakfast, lunch and tea, as well as offers catering services to the customers.

Bond into ONE, United as ONE


Gingko House  Menu

Established in 2003, Gingko House is the first organization in Hong Kong to promote elderly employment. Committed to promoting a healthy diet through self-grown organic dishes as well as the selection of high-quality ingredients, the social enterprise focuses on both Asian and Western food whilst having live folk performances every night. Better yet, the business is not just that; it is diversified, including restaurants, organic farms, food manufacturing, catering to meetings, elderly bands, rehabilitation products and employment intermediary services for the elderly.

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Veggie Menu

Under Gingko House, Veggie is a social enterprise committed to promoting organic vegetarian food so that everyone can eat natural organic foods. The store provides a range of foods for a balanced diet, all without chemicals, or harmful substances both to the body and environment. Many refer to these foods as belonging to a raw food diet, where foods (typically vegetables and fruits) are kept fresh when eaten; even when cooking, the temperature does not exceed 42℃ as to retain the food’s nutrition.



This health camp-themed restaurant provides a wide range of dishes, including Hong Kong cuisine, Chinese stir fry, and Western and Southeast Asian flavours. The chef specially designed a series of creative menus with less salt, less sugar, and less oil for nutritionists pursuing healthy alternatives. He will strictly select seasonal ingredients and boil a variety of Chinese stews so that restaurant goers can get a high-quality and healthy in their busy life.

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cafe330  Menu

Cafe 330 is the first social enterprise in the Freshmen's Club to use the "330" brand to promote overall health. Their coffee shops offer "comfort food", a low-carbon diet, vegetarian options, organic food and fair-trade products. The food and drink choices in Cafe 330 are all under the theme of mental health. The healthy food enjoyed by customers uses homegrown organic vegetables and other organic ingredients with reduced or natural seasoning.
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Deaf Cafeteria  Menu

The first Deaf Cafeteria operated by the hearing impaired in Hong Kong aims to provide employment and training opportunities for those with hearing impairment. In addition to the hall food service, the tea house also provides high-quality meeting and party food services.

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Garden View Lounge  Menu

Run by the Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association, Garden View Lounge is a restaurant employing the elderly so that retirees who wish to continue working can rejoin the community, reflecting a spirit of prospering old age. The lounge provides healthy Western lunch, afternoon tea, private dining and catering services.

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Yau Cafe More

This cafe combines coffee and massage services under Hong Kong Blind Union. Those with visual impairment are hired as baristas and masseuses to provide light food and appointment massage services. Yau Cafe believes in cohesive relaxation, where customers can sip on their coffee and enjoy a massage. So take a break and cheer yourself up in Yau Cafe!

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Dignity Kitchen

Established by Project Dignity in Singapore, Dignity Kitchen provides a positive multi-angled approach to solving unemployment within a marginalised demographic, the physically disabled, to become self-reliant and contribute to society through Singapore cuisine. Dignity Kitchen has 7 different Singapore food stalls, providing traditional Singapore street food and lunch distribution services, suitable for business meetings and special activities.