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75% of the land in Hong Kong has been zoned as country parks; hence our eco environment is our greatest asset.  When we were young, we used to get a few friends to camp at Lantau or swim at Tai O.  When we got older, no matter how busy we became, we still made good use of weekends or holidays to have a day out with our families in places like Shing Mun Reservoir, Sai Kung, etc.  Yet not too many of us including those who have lived in Hong Kong for ages may not have the chance to catch a glimpse of the fireflies at Sha Lo Tong, Liuixalus romeri on Lantau Island, black-faced Spoonbills in Mai Po Marshes, coral reefs at Hoi Ha Wan or the hundred-year-old feng shui woodlands at Lai Chi Wo, etc.
Stepping into retirement life, we need to stretch our bodies a bit more preferably in a natural environment, and that is also an ideal opportunity to have a little adventure in places we may hardly know.  Luckily there are people and also the Government which have made much efforts in recent years to build connecting roads, trails, eco parks, etc. to make these places accessible.  We provide information to facilitate those in the Green Age group to plan their trips to eco destinations.  There are also interest groups and travel agencies which provide guided eco tours services.
For those who do not wish to travel too far away from home, district parks are good places to go.  District parks are very well designed and fully equipped, with shades and space for a lot of leisurely activities like morning exercise, dancing, jogging, or just playing chess. You can also take a walk with your pets in pet gardens, getting some sunshine under the trees. These are all good for both your physical and mental health.
People of every age love historic stories and there are particularly many in Hong Kong. Taking a few hours to visit the heritage sites in the city or a museum is like travelling on a time tunnel to see those people and places which witnessed the changes in the passage of time.  In Hong Kong, there are ancient Chinese architectures and also monuments built during the Victorian period.  There is indeed a lot to be explored in terms of history, culture and art.  The revitalizing projects in recent years help combine the classical structure of heritage sites with modern features, and together with the diversified activities like exhibitions, workshops, talks, etc., they make touring in revitalized projects quite an interesting experience for visitors.  Examples of revitalizing projects are the Blue House, Jao Tsung-I Academy, Cattle Depot Artists Village, Former Police Married Quarters (PMQ), etc.
Those in the Green Age group may also seek assistance from interest groups and travel agents for drawing up itineraries tailor-made for small groups and those with special needs.

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