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Alarm clock pill cases

Easy-to-set alarm timer reminds you when to take medicine. Elderly persons with diabetes and high blood pressure cannot afford any delay in taking medicines. With this kit, one will not miss the time for taking medicines.


Magic finder(Stick-N-Find)

We always forget where we have placed personal objects like keys, wallets and mobile phones after returning home. It is only when we need them, we would start searching for them and in the process we may even hurt ourselves or get very frustrated. The Stick-N-Find is a sticker with a buzzed and light. Through the remote control, one can find the objects easily even in the dark.


Sure Clip (Nail clipper fitted with magnifier)

When we get older, our eyesight can get blurred. Cutting nails is something which should be very simple, but for the elderly, it could be a big challenge as they may get hurt easily. Nail clippers fitted with a magnifier will help you lower the chance of getting hurt.


Zipper Pulls and Button Hooks

The Zipper Pulls and Button Hooks with large soft foam rubber handle is easy to grip. This tool helps elderly persons whose hand mobility is declining to feel more confident in buttoning and zipping. With this little tool, they will not feel discouraged and can easily complete these awesome tasks.


Dressing aids – shoe horn and sock aid (aid to put shoes and socks on)

Wearing shoes and socks is not easy for elderly persons especially those with back and joint problems. These dressing aids specially designed for elderly persons will help. Without wasting too much effort, elderly persons can easily wear shoes and socks with these tools. Reminder: It will be good to buy wear-shoes chair with handrails, which can help elderly persons get up from the chair by themselves.


Non-slip slippers

Non-slip slippers are specially designed for elderly persons to wear at home. Wearing non-slip slippers can reduce the chance of falling, improve the quality of life and avoid unnecessary medical costs. The following are some tips for purchasing and wearing non-slip slippers:

  • Avoid relying solely on the 'slip resistant' or 'anti-slip' claims of the products as the slip resistance of slippers may vary on surfaces of different materials;Generally, rubber outsoles have better slip resistance while deeper and wider tread patterns enable good water drainage in wet and slippery surfaces;
  • Softer outsoles may be better in slip resistance and offer better comfort, but it is easier to lose balance when walking. In addition, the tread patterns on the outsoles may get deformed or disappear under pressure over time, hence reducing their slip resistance;
  • Remember to check the wear and tear of the tread patterns on the outsole regularly. Replace slippers when the lug patterns are worn flat;
  • The elasticity of the plastic materials of slippers may change under high temperatures or prolonged exposure to sunlight, thus affecting their slip resistance. (Source)


Elderly persons are often worried about catching a cold whenever the weather gets cool. It is easy, quick and safe to have warmer instead of warm water bag at home. Warmer comes in a variety of sizes, which can be put inside shoes and hat. Warmer can also be held by the hands, wrapped against belly and the back of neck. In simple terms, where we need it, we put it.


Key Turners

Key turners are especially designed for people with deteriorated functioning of the hands. A chunky, ergonomic-plastic handle makes the turning of the key easy. Key turners also aid individuals who suffer from a weak grip or arthritis.


Pick Up Arms

Pick Up Arm is a mechanical device consisting of a light balanced arm that carries the cartridge. In other words, the arm assembly on a turntable consists of a pivoting arm with a stylus, or needle, at the end of it. Pick Up Arms are available in accessory stores and rehabilitation stores. Remember: when buying a Pick Up Arm, try the handle to see if the pull is too tight. Also try the slingshot accessories to see if it is strong enough and make sure the objects to be picked up is not too heavy.


Rod holder hook (window opening stick device)

It seems not easy for elderly persons to open or close tightened windows. It poses risks especially for those living in higher floors. Maybe we can self-make a rod holder hook for seniors. Please see the following picture.

  1. We need a rod with a full grip and a screw hook.
  2. Then, measure the distance between the position where the senior stands and the position of the handle of the window after it is opened.
  3. Drill a hole at one end of the rod, but not too deep.
  4. Screw in the hook into the rod through the hole.
  5. Finally, of course we need to test the screw hook to see if it is firmly attached to the rod.