Emergency What's News Special Offer is a web portal developed by Upper Fusion Company Limited for people approaching retirement age and beyond.  It is designed to promote Active Ageing through providing comprehensive information on how to lead a healthy and quality later life.  It also serves as a convenient portal for those who need to look after elderly persons at home.
Through providing hyperlinks to the websites of organisations which provide extensive services for the elderly, we connect our readers to the wide range of support services available in the community.  We wish to serve as a bridge between service providers and users.
Upper Fusion Company Limited
Upper Fusion is a company limited by guarantee and a social enterprise registered under the Hong Kong Council of Social Services.  It was founded by a group of retired professionals in Hong Kong who, apart from remaining active in serving the community, are dedicated to the development of people with disabilities.  Its operation is led by a Steering Group composed of the following members:
·         Pauline NG, Founder, retired Secretary General of the Legislative Council Secretariat
·         Doris CHU, Consultant, retired Head of Human Resources, Swire Properties
·         Vivian KAM, Consultant, retired Assistant Secretary General of the Legislative Council Secretariat
·         Jimmy MA, Consultant, retired Legal Adviser of the Legislative Council Secretariat
·         Eric HO, Consultant, Founder of iFlexify, veteran in the IT industry
·         Francis NG, Project Manager, retired senior manager in hotel and hospitality management
The Steering Group determines the vision, mission, core values and work objectives of the Company. It meets regularly on matters relating to goal-setting and strategic implementation of the objectives. As Consultants, members of the Steering Group assist in the appointment and coaching of the staff members who are persons with disabilities.  
There is also a team of advisers who offer pro bono professional service and support to Upper Fusion.  The day-to-day operation of the Upper Fusion is managed by the Project Manager who is assisted by a small team of full-time editorial, research and administrative staff as well as a number of free-lance translation and IT professionals to undertake specific assignments.   
A catalyst for building a community with everyone supporting one another in enriching later life
To enhance collaboration in creating solutions for the ageing population through communication, innovation, integration of support services provided by carers and the community, and through the development of under-utilized resources.

Core Values
·         Caring
·         Comprehensive
·         Credible
·         Innovative
·         Inclusive
·         Impartial
We are grateful to all our friends who support the work of Upper Fusion with their valuable advice and contributions to our web portal