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Only if we are willing to step out of the door, we will notice how big the world is.  When you start to think: what am I to do today, you would be overwhelmed with joy that you have so many choices around you.
Stretching and reaching out to the embrace of nature
Immersing yourself in the air of nature and feeling the breath of wilderness can be a wonderful experience, helping you discover new revelations. In this page, we will introduce some  Local Eco-tourism Sites. They are perfect spots to visit, particularly with good old friends. You may also join Guided tours organized by eco-related associations or travel agencies. A tight schedule or issues with mobility are not a problem at all as the District Parks near your home are also perfect places to go. If you are not afraid of going a little farther, a trip to Diamond Hill Station to visit the  Nan Lian Garden  located at the north side of Chi Lin Nunnery  would be a tranquil experience. To top it off, spend a few hours in the historical Kowloon Walled City Park where you can stretch, and read the literary art pieces such as poetry found inside the Park before returning home for dinner.
Travelling back in time through traces of history
There are nearly 60 Museums and several restored Historical Monuments open to the public, including the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Museum located in Central on Hong Kong Island, for revisiting the city's history. Facilities managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department offer free admission to visitors over 60 years of age, with details in the related website.  If you are interested in guided tours, information is provided under Local Guided Tours with links to organizations which initiate all kinds of cultural and heritage guided tours.
Wandering around in shopping malls can be a rewarding experience

While it is convenient to order food and other daily necessities from home nowaWhile it is convenient to order food and other daily necessities from home nowadays, a visit to a nearby shopping mall can be beneficial in various ways. First of all, the simple stroll around a big shopping mall offers an opportunity to exercise, contributing to your physical fitness which is crucial for you to remain independent in later life. Visiting a shopping mall can also be an excellent social activity. Wouldn't it be nice to chat away with friends while checking out the latest gadgets or clothing items?

Shopping malls in Hong Kong are well air-conditioned, and there are different types of displays all year round. Some shopping malls are really like art galleries!

Making your hobby also an outing experience
Hiking, fishing and organic farming are just a few outdoor activities enjoyed by many people approaching 60 and beyond. We have put together some guidance notes on Hiking and information on Organic Farms to remind you of what to be aware of and the Good Places to Go.
Joy in the Countryside
In the rural lands of Northern China, "outing" can be described as "walking without hundred diseases" or "leaving behind a hundred diseases" since exposure can lead to immunity towards diseases. There is even a "walk habit" custom during the Dragon Boat Festival in Guizhou. The bottom line is, wandering around in nature is essential for health.

Though Hong Kong may seem like a concrete jungle, there are many places around the city where nature is prevalent; world travel magazines have even introduced some. Walking in the countryside can wash away your tiredness and help stretch your muscles. You can wander along Hong Kong's beaches, hills and villages alone or with your family. Looking at the blue sky and green bushes can wash away the dust and tiredness, and make you feel refreshed.

This page describes some of the suburbs in Hong Kong where you and your family can visit. You can surely complete the journey without spending too much time and effort.

Country Parks with barbecue sites under the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Picnic places (Chinese version only)
Camp-out and camp indoors recommendations
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