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Stepping into the ripe age of our lives, managing our weight is necessary for good health and happiness; there's a reason why family and friends keep pestering you about it! After all, being overweight can lead to many health issues. However, when eating out has become integral to our lives, it may be difficult to watch our weight as we happily eat away with friends around the dining table.


The good thing is, however, we can control our diet more easily after retirement. Even though enjoying life is a priority, eating mindfully and healthily can still be an option, and with more time on our hands, this option becomes a simple life decision. In this page, we prepared a list of Caring Caterers which offers a menu of dishes low in salt, sugar, oil, and MSG-free. We also provide tips on Home Cooking including Cooking Made EasyKitchen Necessities and Seasonal Cooking.


Cooking is both a pleasure and an art. Many old folks fall in love with the culinary arts as they enjoy sharing the fruits of their labour with family. It also creates exciting topics and may even build friendships. In this page, we provide Family Recipes and Soups which aim to save time, effort and money, as well as cater to people of all ages. Lost Flavours allows us to reminisce about our fun childhood days with the dishes that mother used to cook, street snacks, or standard party foods during our teenage years. Each of us may even bring along our bit of chow to share when invited to eat at our friends' homes. 


Lastly, if, in addition to considering what to cook for the family, one takes into account which foods would be most appropriate for each season, then one would know the way of living. Healthy EatingFood Value and Benefits of Chinese Herbs provides insight into the fact that dining is far from only filling your stomach, but also a meaningful way to care for your body.


All are more than welcome to share their dining experiences in our Discussion Forum. If you are seeking advice or assistance from this website, please feel free to Contact Us directly.