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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Passport

A person is eligible to apply for a HKSAR Passport if he/she is:
  1. a Chinese citizen;
  2. a permanent resident of the HKSAR; and
  3. a holder of a valid Hong Kong permanent identity card.

The Immigration Department has pledged to complete the processing of applications in about 10 working days after receiving all necessary documents, application fees and photographs, and in 14 working days for applications from children aged under 11 not holding a Hong Kong permanent identity card. Applications may be submitted via drop-in box, but an extra two to three working days may be required.

For more information, please visit the website of the Immigration Department.

Replacement service in Mainland China is available.

Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents
(Home Return Permit)

Home Return Permit is the travel document issued to Chinese nationals who are permanent residents of or have settled in Hong Kong and Macau for travelling to Mainland China. Hong Kong residents who meet one of the following conditions may apply for a Home Return Permit:
  1. A person who was born in Hong Kong as a Hong Kong permanent resident and holds a Chinese citizenship.
  2. A person migrants to Hong Kong as a Hong Kong permanent resident from Mainland China.
  3. A Chinese citizen who was born outside of Hong Kong and has retained Hong Kong permanent residency.
  4. Non-Chinese citizen or stateless person holding Hong Kong permanent residency and has been given permission to obtain or retain Chinese Citizenship.

For more information, please visit China Travel Service