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Hong Kong permanent residents above the age of 65 are automatically eligible for some of the following allowances or subsides, so as to alleviate financial pressures caused by a lack of a stable income; one can also receive help in an extraordinary or emergency situation.
Additionally, Hong Kong residents above the age of 65 can apply for a Senior Citizen Card. With it, cardholders can enjoy a $2 special fare for transportations, as well as benefits or priority treatment by selected shops or organizations. They may also receive certain subsidized vaccines for free.

(Last updated: 1.2.2023)

Overview of Allowance and Subsidies for the Elderly
  • Government Subsidy
Senior Citizen Card
It provides a generally recognized proof of age to elders so as to facilitate their access to concessions, discounts or priority services offered by Government departments, public companies, private and commercial establishments.
Eligible Applicants : Hong Kong residents aged 65 or above.
Supporting Documents Required: Completed application form,full-faced photograph and copy of HK Smart Identity Card.
Application Fee: Issue of the first Card is free. However, a nominal fee will be charged for replacement.
Latest Concession:  Government DepartmentTransportPublic UtilitiesBankingChinese MedicineClinicContinuing EducationDental clinicEntertainmentRehabilitative EquipmentRestaurantShoppingSupermarketTourismOrganisation and companies by districts and Others
Senior Citizen Card Office:
Address: Room 2204, 22/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Tel : 3583 2959
CSSA (Rates from 1st February 2022)
Category Amount of standard rates per month (HK$)
Single person Family member
Elderly person aged 65 or above
Able-bodied/50% disabled $3,915 $3,685
100% disabled $4,730 $4,180
Requiring constant attendance $6,655 $6,100
Social Security Allowance Scheme
Types of Allowance Amount per month (HK$)
Old Age Allowance (Fruit Money) $1,570
Normal Disability Allowance $2,005
Higher Disability Allowance $4,010
Old Age Living Allowance $4,060
Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme $2,000
Community Care Service Voucher (Third Phase of the Pilot Scheme) The ceiling and floor monthly voucher values for 2022-23 are $10,070 and $4,210 respectively
$2 concessionary fare per trip scheme $2 per trip
Pilot Scheme on Living Allowance for Carers of Elderly Persons from Low Income Families Phase IV  
Community Care Fund Elderly Dental Assistance Free of charge
Government Vaccination Programme (GVP) Free of charge
Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Elderly Owners Maximum grant $40,000
  • Organizational Subsidies
Po Leung Kuk Medical Assistant Fund
The maximum amount to be granted to an applicant within 12 months is $60,000
Po Leung Kuk Charity Fund for the Disadvantaged
The maximum amount of grant by the Fund for each application would be HK$6,000
Po Leung Kuk Raymond Siu Memorial Medical Assistance Fund
Cancer patients can be granted $4,000 once in their lifetime
Samaritan Fund
Amount granted depends on applicant's financial situation
Yan Chai Emergency Assistance Fund Areas covered by the Fund include: funeral assistance, living assistance, rent assistance, tuition fee assistance, rehabilitation assistance, home assistance, medical assistance and disaster relief
Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund
Categories of assistance include: purchase of medical/rehabilitation appliances, personal helper subsidy, subsidy for medical consumable items etc.