What do you want to do on weekends and holidays? If you do not want to have tea and spend your time in shopping malls only, how about planning a totally different family gathering, and bring them away from the city to enjoy the countryside where you can barbecue, hike and picnic. If you want to take them out to relax for a few days in the landscape of nature without going abroad, you can look at our camping and accommodation recommendations for places to stay on your holidays. You can either go to ready-made camping sites, or build your own tabernacles for a taste of excitement together with your entire family. There are also affordable indoor camp sites where your meals are taken care of and plenty of cultural activities are arranged at your ease. We can completely put everything down and stay close to nature.
However, if you want to sweat in the wilderness and experience the fun of farming, maybe you can take a look at our list of organic farms to suit your choice. You can also rent a yacht, and enjoy the sea view and delicious seafood.
Come on! Let’s go through this information to plan a nice holiday for our parents and reunite our families.