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What do you want to do on weekends and holidays? If you do not want to have tea and spend your time in shopping malls only, how about planning a totally different family gathering, and bring them away from the city to enjoy the countryside where you can barbecue, hike and picnic. If you want to take them out to relax for a few days in the landscape of nature without going abroad, you can look at our camping and accommodation recommendations for places to stay on your holidays. You can either go to ready-made camping sites, or build your own tabernacles for a taste of excitement together with your entire family. There are also affordable indoor camp sites where your meals are taken care of and plenty of cultural activities are arranged at your ease. We can completely put everything down and stay close to nature.
However, if you want to sweat in the wilderness and experience the fun of farming, maybe you can take a look at our list of organic farms to suit your choice. You can also rent a yacht, and enjoy the sea view and delicious seafood.

People in the green-aged group are financially comfortable and are eager to go on trips with their parents. However, their elderly parents, no longer as physically fit as in their younger days, may need the help of a wheelchair when going out. In order not to tire them out with an exhausting journey, good planning before a trip is required.

  1. Accommodation
The hotel you choose to stay in should be located near the city center with convenient transportation, easily accessible by family members accompanying their parents. As for the hotel room, make sure that there is adequate space for the wheelchair to move around. In addition, it is preferable to choose hotels with barrier-free facilities, such as toilets for the disabled in the hotel lobby or restaurants.
  1. Transportation
Those who plan to drive need to find out if there is provision of parking spaces and service at the hotels. Some hotels also provide shuttle bus services to take visitors to different destinations. You can consult the hotel or check the price and details at the hotel website.
  1. Facilities in the neighbourhood
In order to allow wheelchair-bound family members to visit as many places as possible without transportation hassles, choose hotels with shopping malls, beaches, tourist attractions and other entertainment facilities in their neighbourhood. This will save a lot of travelling time and logistics headache.

Making trips do not necessarily mean travelling to faraway countries. We have compiled for you a list of unique local tourism spots in Hong Kong. All these locations are wheelchair accessible. You can easily plan a pleasant holiday with your families there. For more information, please refer to Travel Tips and Local Tours.

Now is the perfect time to plan a wonderful vacation to enjoy with your parents and your family!