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Short trips are particularly suitable for the green-age group.  The most popular destinations have always been cities in Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc
Cities in Mainland China
Many of the cities which stand at the first, second or third line of development in Mainland China are developing rapidly.  Apart from general modernization based on planned city design, there are also great improvements in catering services, shopping facilities and tourist attractions.  Therefore, many green-age people choose to buy properties in the Mainland to enable them to live in a more spacious residential environment and to entertain guests at home after they have retired.  As such, when we tour in the Mainland, we can have a choice of joining a tour group, or forming one with friends, or even to use a friend’s home as a base for touring and shopping in the vicinity.  For those in the green-age group who do not fancy long travelling or who need to travel with elderly family members, staying in a friend’s home could be quite a good choice.

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Southeast Asia
When we were young, we took a fancy in sunshine and beaches, plenty and plenty of fruits, seafoods, etc.  Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are naturally our most favourite travel destinations.  Even when we get older and tend to hide ourselves from strong direct sunlight, we still cannot resist the exquisite five-star hotels with lovely natural scenaries and luxurious décor.  Besides, we are now less pressurized in time and can quite easily find best-value air tickets.  Visiting Southeast Asian countries does not entail long hours of flying.  The weather and eating habits in these places are quite similar to those of Hong Kong.  As a result, Southeast Asian countries remains the ideal places to travel among elderly persons.

Japan has always been the most popular place for vacation for people of all ages.  Regardless of the perception some people may have about Japan or worries about the contamination of its foods, tourists are still strongly attracted by the friendliness of the Japanese people, the clean environment, and the meticulous cooking and serving of Japanese cuisine.  This explains why so many green-age people like to keep on visiting popular sightseeing cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido, almost one after the other.  Recently, self-drive tours have become very popular, so more green-age people will find it easier to form their own tour groups for visiting Japan – as it is easy to arrange and relatively economical.
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With Korean television dramas becoming highly popular among the young and old, South Korea is developing as a must-see destination for many tourists from Hong Kong.  In fact, apart from Seoul, which we know so well, there are still many good places in South Korea that are worth visiting.  Gyeongju, Incheon and Chuncheon are all tourist attractions with beautiful scenaries.  On the other hand, the Andong Hahoe Village, with a history of 600 years, has been declared a World Heritage.  Checking in one of the South Korean homestays will enable you to have a first-hand experience of the daily lives of the Korean nobles in the era of Dae Jang Geu.  So, with some good planning, South Korea should prove to be an excellent choice of sightseeing destination.

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Visiting Korean monuments in Autumn (Abigail) 
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Recently, Taiwan has been developing leisure farms and hotspring resorts.  Leisure farms are mostly situated in village areas in Taichung and Tainan where you can see scenaries of natural landscapes and farmlands.  You may also come to stay in certain guesthouses with special characteristics.  You can have lots of fun in enjoying the beauty of the natural scenaries, experience the ecology there or tasting organic agricultural products.  All such experiences should be shared among all family members, be they young and old.  The present hotsprings in Taiwan, apart from providing hotspring enjoyment for guests, also offer health preservation treatments, heat therapies, beauty services and even accommodations for them.  Combining spa services and gourmet restaurants, Taiwan hotsprings are now operated as resorts.  The hotsprings in Taiwan usually provide spa and other services.  Hotspring water is also provided in rooms for use by tourists for relaxation.
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