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We have been working hard with long hours when we were young.  Even if we used to like cooking, it would be late or we would be tired by the time we got home.  And we would usually end up eating out or buying takeaway food.  Many retired people do not like hiring full-time domestic helpers for cost considerations or limited living space.  If you do not want to eat out everyday, cultivating an interest to cook would be good for us and give us a chance to exercise. 
For those of us who like cooking, it is time to pick up where you left off and show your talent again.  For new comers, cooking can be fun when you prepare healthy food for yourself or even for family and friends in a gathering.  The considerations certainly are how to handle the many kinds of cooking ingredients, as well as how to store ingredients bought just for preparing one or two dishes and use them up before their usage expires.  The limited storage space in the kitchen does not permit too many cooking utensils and ingredients.
Those who seldom cook will find an excuse that washing after cooking is a waste of time, or chopping up food and the different cooking methods create a headache.  Actually, with a bit of planning, cooking at home for a small family is very economical.  The important point is to equip ourselves.
This page introduces the kitchen necessities for the green age group including cooking utensils and basic cooking ingredients, and introduces easy cooking and methods with choice of food selection and storage methods . Eating healthy with wide varieties can greatly enhance our enjoyment in life.