Under the global trend of healthy eating, people have become more aware of the need to eat healthily. This is particularly so with “green age” persons who should have a balanced diet and eat just the right amount, as it can minimize the burden to their bodies while no food would be wasted or left over. After all, eating fresh and light is one of the best ways to ensure Healthy Living.

A Balanced Diet is all about the right proportions of Food Nutrients . Since bodily needs vary from person to person, it is advisable to choose your everyday foods by taking into account various factors like your physical activity level, prevailing season and climate, etc. You may also refer to the recommended daily intake of nutrients for the over 60s age group and adjust your own menu accordingly. By eating a variety of foods, not only can you take in different types of nutrients, but you can also enjoy the unique taste of individual foods.

There are many healthy and delicious recipes for everyday cooking. To help you plan your menu of the day, we have Cooking Made Easy with different food ingredients as well as Seasonal Cooking to let you know what fruit and vegetables are in season.

Soups are playing an important role in Chinese cuisine. If you know more about the Use of Chinese Herbs, you can make nourishing Chinese soups with proper Chinese herbs to the benefit of your health.

Menu Planning
  • Take into account the number of people that a meal is to serve and their respective age. This helps prepare dishes catering for their individual dietary needs or preferences. Avoid too many overlaps with recent menus. Even the same food ingredient can be cooked in different ways, which adds to the pleasure of cooking and eating.
  • Consider what are good to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner to ensure a balanced diet. As a general rule, eat more grains, fruit and vegetables; eat moderately meat and dairy products; eat less fat/oil, salt and sugar. Use natural flavourings such as ginger, spring onion, garlic and pepper as food seasonings.
  • In Chinese cuisine, a home-cooked meal usually contains two dishes and one soup for 2 to 3 persons, three dishes and one soup for 3 to 5 persons, and so on. The portion of a dish depends on how much each person can eat as well as the nature and prices of food ingredients used. For dishes with grains or vegetables as the main ingredient, adding only a moderate amount of meat should suffice to achieve a balanced diet. For meat-based dishes with barely any vegetables, they can go with other vegetable-based dishes.
  • Choose a cooking method that uses a minimum amount of oil (such as steaming, scalding, boiling, stewing and simmering). Note the steps of cooking as well as the hobs and cookware required. Make sure every step is completed in time so that all dishes are ready to serve and best for consumption.
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