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When you are cleaning feverishly at home, you might easily forget certain basic safety rules to protect yourself. Here are some friendly reminders:
Don’t overstretch yourself
While a wide variety of household chores can be carried out on your own, some tasks require help from others. For example, if you want to clean the back of the fridge, you should get someone to help you pull the fridge. NEVER move large furniture or appliances by yourself. Also, DON’T clean top shelves without others’ help. If no one is available to help you, just clean the lower shelves and leave the top ones to another time when help is available.
When you move things around at home, remember NOT to carry too much items at the same time. Always keep a good posture when you lift things up or carry heavy objects. You only have one back and one pair of knees. Do take good care of them.
Home cleaning can be a tiring task, and you may want to get this done as soon as possible. However, do take a break when you start feeling a little exhausted. Doing things in a hurry might lead to serious consequences.
Wearing protective gear
When doing household chores, you will probably wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from dust and chemicals. Have your ever thought of wearing proper shoes too? Actually, wearing shoes with good tread while cleaning can help prevent slips and tumbles.
Wearing protective eyewear during cleaning may seem like over-exaggeration to some of you but we should be aware of the fact that the mists of cleaning products left in the air may be bad for your eyes. So, wearing a pair of safety goggles would do you good. Besides, do wear a mask if you are allergic to dust.
Using cleaning products
Are you aware that mold, mildew and other bacteria accumulate and multiply on cleaning tools? It would be better if you change your cleaning rags and sponges from time to time, based on what you have cleaned with them.
When using cleaning products such as bleach, remember to read the labels, including the fine print, carefully. Always follow the directions and NEVER try to mix cleaning products as you may accidentally create toxic fumes. Most importantly, keep your home well ventilated by opening windows or turning on the exhaust fan.
If you are using a spray bottle, make sure you hold it far from your face. In addition, you should check and make sure the nozzle is aimed in the right direction (which means pointed away from your eyes) before starting to spray.

Keep all your cleaning products in one place so that you can clean more efficiently and safely with the required products and tools all kept within easy reach.

Staying alert
When you are cleaning your home, remember to pay attention to your surroundings. This can help prevent accidents. For example, keep an eye on cords while you vacuum so that you do not get tripped over and injure yourself.
Final reminder: Do not talk with your mobile phone while doing intensive cleaning. Any distractions may lead to accidents and you may not remember which parts have been cleaned and which are not.