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No matter what your age is, hair is like the skin and should be washed daily or every other day. One must carefully choose the suitable kind of shampoo according to your needs since they have different formulas for various hair type, such as deep cleansing, moisturizing, full body and anti-hair loss.

Water temperature should not be too hot when shampooing; around 39 degrees is recommended for scalp cleaning and room temperature for washing the hair. This could help to tighten up the hair cuticle and prevent hair loss. After cleansing, use a soft towel to dry the hair without rubbing it, as this will damage or break the hair.

If you are using conditioner, put a small portion on the hair (avoid to directly apply on the root of the hair), then massage for about a minute and rinse. The purpose of the conditioner is to neutralize the residual cationic molecules on the hair surface and smoothen the hair for easy combing.
White Hair

When one gets older, it is common for the hairs to turn white. From Chinese medicinal perspective, hair turning white is a warning of liver and kidney problems or dysfunction.

Cause of hair turning white:
  1. Mental stress, continuously under pressure;
  2. Lack of copper, cobalt, iron; protein, vegetable oil; Vitamin B2 and B6;
  3. Suffering from diseases such as thyroid gland hyperthyroidism, pituitary dysfunction and other endocrine disorders.
Methods to prevent hair turning white:
  • De-stress;
  • Stop smoking;
  • Drink enough water; take less caffeine and alcohol;
  • Supplement of copper, iodine, protein and vitamin B12;
  • Sufficient sleeping (8 hours), go to bed before 11pm;
  • Increase blood circulation, proper exercise and massage the scalp with the fingers;
  • Eating more black food such as black sesame and black fungus;
We can see a new trend emerging overseas, where the elderly do not dye their hair, even though dye and perm are still very common with the elderly in Hong Kong. Old-fashioned hair dye contains ammonia, which can easily cause scalp allergy and infection. The content of phenylenediamine is toxic to the human body causing methemoglobinemia, which is the same as hypoxic acute poisoning, at its worst it could even be fatal.

Now many barber shops and the market have all the natural hair dye products, you shall first understand clearly before use. A perm can be used with chemicals only or with waving machines, such as ceramic, anion and digital perms. In recent years, the rise of a variety of hair curlers, which enables you to do the styling while you are blowing your hair. These hair curlers have different temperature settings, as well as automatic power-off security sensors. However, hair is usually easier to be damaged when a person gets older. Thus try to have less hair dye, and even if you need to, select some of the natural hair coloring products.
Hair Loss

Hair loss is a serious issue. Healthy hair follicles will allow the growth of two to three hairs at the same time, but as pollutants in the air accumulate, and oil imbalance occurs in the pilosebaceous gland, hair follicle will be blocked and hair growth reduced.

Statistics shows that one in every two elderly people encounter the problem of hair loss. How do we know that we have hair loss problems? In fact, you should pay attention when you are losing 50 hairs per day.

Six healthy hair indications –
  1. There is no dandruff in hair
  2. No allergy or inflammation problem such as pimples
  3. Oil secretion is even
  4. Cuticle layer is moderate
  5. Hair distribution is dense and even spread
  6. No hair loss of more than 50 per day
In the market there are "anti-hair loss" and "hair growth" products. According to specialists, anti-hair loss products can keep the scalp healthy and prevent hair loss but do not serve the function of stimulating hair follicles. Hair growth products will increase blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles for hair growth.

Be careful when you choose hair growth product, it is important to check for medical certification or doctor's recommendation; be aware of the side effects.
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