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May contact the following organisations for enquiries:

Hong Kong Ecotourism
Telephone: 369969663/94946446(whatsapp)

Eco travel Limited
Telephone: 31050767

Telephone: 81175002
(Chinese only)

Natural Network Limited
Telephone: 9669 6965 / 2659 2402
(Chinese only)

Peng Chau EcoTour
Telephone: 95594334

Faith Travel
Telephone: 37594866
(Chinese only)

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department-Country Parks Education Programmes
Telephone: 1823

Earth Favorer
Telephone: 90603068

Tai Po Environmental Association
Telephone: 26670992

Produce Green Foundation
Telephone: 26741190

Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association
Telephone: 29856310/29856330