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“Death ” is a taboo subject for many people. However, it is one of the natural stages one must go through, and old people understand this well. 
People in their deathbeds are usually weak and tired, and seem to be in a sleeping state all the time. It may be because they have already no energy to move or talk, but they still have consciousness and feelings.  Care-givers can hold their hands to let them feel the care and warmth. Talking to the dying person can make him feel less lonely. When you run out of topics, reading a book or newspapers or scriptures to them can help to make them feel calm and peaceful.
If the person dying has a religion, his relatives can start planning for the funeral and the related arrangements. If the dying has signed for organ donation and/or body donation, the relatives should contact the Hospital Authority or the University concerned.
During the last moments of the passing, even though the care-giver may be sad, he  must try to control his own feelings. It is his duty to soothe with comforting words the family members, and to tell the patient that he is surrounded by his children / relatives. Family members are to be encouraged to say words of gratitude to the dying person , and to reassure the dying that his last wishes will be carried out, so that he can pass away in peace.
If the deceased dies in a hospital or a nursing home, death confirmation will be signed  off by a doctor.  If the deceased’s final hours are spent at home , one should call 999 and have the body delivered to a hospital for death confirmation . 
Natural deaths as diagnosed and confirmed by a registered medical practitioner will be issued the following documents:
  • “Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death” [Form 18];
  • “Medical Certificate (Cremation)” [Form 2] (applicable to cremation only).
The body of the deceased will be temporarily stored in the hospital's mortuary. The delivery of the body to the hospital must be accompanied by at least one relative, who has to acknowledge that the body has been properly stored in a refrigerator.  When the body is reclaimed, it has to be done by the designated person specified  on the Body Realimation Form (please check name of the form)

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