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When someone talks about exhibitions, many of those approaching 60 and beyond may think of the Brands & Products Expo and then think of Hong Kong in the 1960s and 1970s – the days when the city was still a manufacturing market, every family had members working in the factories and trading companies, or in the design, packaging or sales sectors. With the manufacturing industry moving northward or to Southeast Asia recently, many production procedures are in fact still performed in the territory, and Hong Kong has become an important international exhibition center.

Today, what we see in the exhibitions is not just the marketing of finished products, but also the forward-looking concepts and new ideas which impact the visitors in terms of visual perception, as well as the promotion of experience and knowledge exchange. Many exhibition organizers are pleased to offer the public pre-registration and free admission services. There are also activities like thematic seminars in the exhibitions, letting visitors transform from being a passive audience to active participants, which upgrades the exhibition to another level. Therefore, for those approaching 60 and beyond who have gained lots of experience, the exhibitions are actually a good place.

Of course, there are many types of exhibitions. If you are interested in product trades, the relevant exhibitions are generally held at the Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you are interested in culture & arts and history, the exhibitions with different themes are usually held at museums, City Hall, and the Cultural Centre. However, today’s exhibitions are quite different from those of the past, and you may gain unexpected benefits from different exhibitions.

On this page, we will search the venues in Hong Kong that usually hold thematic exhibitions and list the published exhibition details under “Upcoming Events”. We also welcome the organizers to provide information so that we can convey the message as early as possible, so please contact us.

Below are the regular major thematic exhibitions held in different exhibition venues:
  1. Golden Age Expo and Summit
  2. Pet Show
  3. Vegetarian Food Asia
  4. Hong Kong Flower Show
  5. Art Basel in Asia
  6. Retiree and Senior Fair I/O Senior Expo Asia
  7. Hong Kong Book Fair
  8. Hong Kong Food Expo
  9. Hong Kong International Tea Fair
  10. Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair
  11. M+
  12. “The Hong Kong Story” Hong Kong Museum of History
  13. “Hong Kong Culture and Art Exhibition” Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  14. Chao Shao-an Gallery
  15. Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall
  16. Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware
  17. Tao Heung Museum of Food Culture

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