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Elderly persons and their carers in need of day care service or respite service may approach District Elderly Community Centres, Neighbourhood Elderly Centres, Social Centres for the Elderly and the following Day Care Centres/Units for the Elderly for referrals. (Click here for a list of organizations that provide respite services)


Target Groups

  • Frail and demented elders assessed to be of moderate or severe level of impairment by the Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism and whose families are unable to provide full-time care
  • Carers
  • Elderly persons requiring a certain degree of personal care from family members or relatives whilst residing in the community
  • The main caregivers of elderly persons, who will be supported and given temporary relief from the daily responsibilities of caring for the elderly


Eligibility Criteria

Elderly persons are considered eligible for residential respite service if they are:

  • aged 60 or above;
  • in need of short-term residential care so that family members or relatives as their main caregivers may take a break from providing the care on a long-term basis;
  • physically and mentally fit for communal living;
  • free from contagious diseases;
  • requiring a level of personal and nursing care corresponding to the admission criteria of the particular type of residential service; and
  • to be taken back into care by the family upon expiry of the respite period.



To enable elders to maintain their optimal level of functioning, develop their potential, improve their quality of life and to remain ageing in the community.

To provide various kinds of support and assistance to the carers in order to enable them to carry on with their responsibilities as carers.


Operating Hours

8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Mondays to Saturdays (The actual operating hours of individual centres/units may vary)


Fees and Charges

Day Care Centres/Units for the Elderly : $40 per day

To provide designated places for respite service, including care-and-attention places in subvented residential care homes for the elderly and care-and-attention places or nursing home places in contract homes.

Caseworkers will assess the elderly person’s needs and make referrals to the residential care homes for the elderly or nursing homes concerned if considered suitable.


Duration of Stay

Residential respite service rendered to each elderly person on each occasion shall be neither less than 24 hours, nor more than 6 weeks (i.e. 42 days) which is also the maximum accumulative duration of period(s) of use of the service within the 12 months preceding the date of admission for the service.


Fees and Charges

Home-for-the-Aged places: $52 per day

Care-and-Attention Home places: $62 per day

Contract Home places: $62 per day

Nursing Home places: $72 per day