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(Local tour) 東涌、大澳漁村 本地特色一天團(旅發局「旅遊 · 就在香港」推薦本地優惠旅行團)

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Concessionary tickets are applicable to senior citizens in museums under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.  Please read relevant website for information.
An annual concessionary Museum Pass for $25 allows unlimited admission to the permanent and special exhibitions (unless otherwise specified) of museums under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
迪士尼  Hong Kong Disneyland 
購買香港迪士尼樂園門票,體驗迪士尼樂園奇妙旅程。  Experience the magic of Hong Kong Disneyland with special offers.

  1. 1日門票(普通日子)  1-day ticket (Standard Day)
長者門票 (65歲或以上) 港幣$100   Senior (Ages 65+) HK$100
* 普通日子門票適用於所有日子。門票於購買日起6個月內有效,可遊覽樂園一次。  Valid for one visit which commences from the date of purchase to six months followjing such date.
  1.  購買2日門票  2-day ticket
長者門票(65歲或以上)港幣$170   Senior (Ages 65+) HK$170 
* 門票可於7日內任何兩天進入樂園。第一次進入樂園須於門票背面所印的最後有效日期或之前。Valid on any two days within a 7-day period.   Guests must make their first visit on or before the last day of the validity period printed on the back of the ticket.
海洋公園  Ocean Park
  1. 香港人生日免費入場  Hong Kong residents enjoy free admission on birthdays
*只需於海洋公園票務部出示香港身份證明文件或香港出生證明書,便可於生日當天日間免費遊覽海洋公園。 Present valid Hong Kong identity documents or Hong Kong Birth Certificate to enjoy free day time admission on birthday.
  1.  持社會福利署簽發之長者咭的65歲或以上本港居民、持「殘疾人士登記證」人士均可免費進場。  Free admission is granted to local senior residents aged 65 years old or above with a Hong Kong identity Card or the Senior Citizen Card issued by Social Welfare Department.  Holders of a Registration Card for people with Disabilities and Hong Kong residents with a Hong Kong Identity Card visiting on their birthday may enter Ocean Park free of charge.
香港杜莎夫人蠟像館  Madame Tussauds Hong Kong 
香港居民生日當天、前一星期或後一星期均可免費進場,煩請於參觀當天出示身份證明文件正本以供職員核對之用。  Hong Kong residents can present valid Hong Kong identity cards to enjoy one-time entry on their birthday, and one week before or after their birthday.

「殘疾人士登記證」人士及長者咭持有人可享正價門票HK$100 ,優惠只適用於即場購票。  Hong Kong residents with Registration Card for people with Disabilites and Hong Kong residents with Senior Citizen Card can purchase one admission ticket at a special discounted price of HK$100.

原價 Price            網上價 Online Price        
成人 Adult            HK$255                          
小童 Child            HK$185                           
長者 Senior          HK$185                           
昂平360推廣  Ngong Ping 360 promotions