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“While I can still walk …...” This is what “green age” people are thinking everyday …...
With the gaining of more experience in life, we tend to see things differently. Even going to the same place, we seem to see more of what we saw yesterday. When we were young, we made every effort to travel to as many places as we could within the shortest time and take as many photos. As a result we could not even remember whether we had ever been to this place unless so proved by the photos taken.
For green-age people who are so used to travelling overseas, it requires a good reason for us to leave our comfortable homes.  In visiting a place, we are particularly attracted by its history and culture, its people and customs. Therefore in planning an overseas trip, we must do our homework properly – how developed and safe is that place; is transportation convenient; should we join a packaged tour or we design the itinerary ourselves; are there any friends who have just been there so as to share their experience, etc. etc. Even if there you have just picked up an exceptionally cheap air ticket and have decided to go, you still need to do your homework.
This page provides you with a range of useful tips for planning your trip: