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How do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day with your family? Buy a gift from a department store, go out for a meal and wander around a shopping centre? If this is the case, you might need to be a bit more creative this year. Here are a few ideas for having a special Mother’s Day with your family.
1. Teach your mum how to use social media to stay connected

This is a thoughtful (and free!) gift for all mums who are not familiar with using social media. Start by helping your mum set up a Facebook account and teach her how to follow posts (like those from Then move on to talk about making video calls, etc. However, make sure your mum is aware of Internet safety and privacy.
2. Make a personalized gift

Good gifts need not be expensive. Think about what your mum loves most and make her a personalized gift. It can be a digitized photo frame showing family photos, or a gift basket with all the food she loves. Just try to be creative!
3. Have a leisurely stroll together

These days, you may feel safety to stay indoors and avoid crowds. However, if the weather is nice, it would definitely do you some good to have a leisurely stroll with your mum in a park (click here for details). Doing exercise together (click here to watch a video) would also be a nice Mother’s Day activity!