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Double-sided glass cleaner/wiper

Living in high-rise, it is a frightening experience to wipe clean windows which often requires stretching the body outside the window. Not only that elderly persons should not take such a risk, even younger people ought to think twice if they should put themselves in such a great danger. We should equip ourselves with a double-sided glass window wiper at home, and should not put our families in such great risks.


Step ladders

We should not stand on folding stools or ordinary dining chairs to do things at a height. These stools or chairs are not supposed to carry the load of the entire weight of a person, and chair legs are not designed to support a person in motion. The chair or stool may be easily overturned bringing the person standing on it to the ground. We must avoid this kind of accident by using home ladders instead, as shown. Step ladders are available in home shops. Pay attention to the footsteps and make sure that they are installed with anti-slip stickers. Otherwise, stepping on the ladder is still dangerous. Anti-slip stickers are also available in home shops and can be installed by yourself.


Clothes drying racks

In recent years, many incidents occur because elderly persons hang their clothes outside the window and accidentally fall from high-rise. However, it is common practice in Hong Kong that clothes hanging racks are placed outside the windows, which pose great risk to users and the general public. Indoor clothes drying racks are available in home stores and some of the racks are even equipped with electro-drying functions. Although hang-to-dry clothing items do not get enough sunshine during the drying process, the safety concern must come first.


Wireless / cordless vacuum cleaner

Traditional vacuum cleaners are time-consuming in the assembling and dismantling of the accessories, and also not laborious in moving the cleaner here and there. Sometimes, we even get tripped by the connecting wiring. To save energy and to play safe, we can buy a wireless vacuum cleaner or vacuum robot, some of which even have the function to wipe floors. In this way, even if we get old, home cleaning would still be easy.