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Chicken and Duck
Stewed chicken wings with lemon Stewed chicken with chestnuts Roasted spring chicken  
Korean fried chicken Stir fried chicken with pineapple Stewed chicken meat with taro
Braised chicken with taro Chicken curry with potatoes Beer braised duck with kudzu
Hainanese Chicken Rice    

Stewed pork knuckle with dried mushrooms and peanut Japanese minced pork rice    Sweet and sour pork
Steamed taro with minced pork Steamed spareribs with taro Stewed spareribs with bitter gourd
Braised pork belly with kudzu Stir fried Chinese sausage with snow pea Donpo Pork
Boiled pork with garlic dressing Pork Chops in Walnut and Fig Sauce  

Sautéed beef with King trumpet mushrooms Braised beef with persimmon Pineapple and beef pizza
Braised beef with potatoes Sukiyaki Stew Beef with Chu Hou sauce
Curry Beef Brisket and Tendons Oxtail Stew Beef Brisket in Clear Broth
Beef Stew    

Double boiled lamb with radish and red dates    


Roasted Mackerel fillets Thai fish patties Steamed Grey Mullet
Stir fried dried fish with scallion Sole fillet with ginger and scallions Lotus root patties
Smoked Pomfret    

Shrimp,Crab and Mussels 
Stir fried shrimps with snow pea Stir fried shrimps with pea sprouts Stir fried crab meat with pea sprouts
Stir fried Glass Noodles with dried shrimps Steamed angled luffa with dried shrimps and vermicelli   

Vegetables and Tofu
Stir fried honey peas with lily bulbs Korean tofu hot pot Chilled Chinese cucumber with coriander
Pumpkin and taro hot pot Tomato and vegetables hot pot Chilled radish and carrot
Radish kimchi Stir fried eggplant with long beans Mushroom and choy sum in oyster sauce
Steamed fresh beancurd sticks with dried mushroom Vegetarian hot pot Stir fried King trumpet mushrooms with snow pea   
Cauliflower Gratin    

Poached pears in red wine Durian mochi Durian crepe cake
Grape Jam Grape Sweet Soup Raisin pastry      
Banana Pancake Banana Cake Peanut and taro sweet soup              
Potato Sweet Soup Stawberry Jam Strawberry and Cherry Jam
Strawberry Cheese Cake Mango and dragon fruit sago in coconut milk Mango Pancake
Mangoand sago with milk Kiwifruit tiramisu Persimmon jam
Black sugar longan bun   Apple Jam Persimmon cheese ball
Sweet and sour cherry Basque Burnt Cheesecake Apple Tart
Rum Cake Bread and Butter Pudding Blueberry cup cakes
Cranberry English Scones    

Rice and Noodles
Rice with taro and chicken meat Pineapple Fried Rice Hainanese Chicken Rice
Beef noodles soup Lasagna