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Aged parents may only be able to walk properly with the help of walkers. It is therefore important that you find suitable walkers which are becoming indispensable to them.
Below are some tips for selecting the right walker:
  • How to choose a walker?
The most common types of walkers are two-wheeled and four-wheeled walkers.  A two-wheeled walker (which is often foldable) is preferred if you need some weight-bearing help. Walkers without wheels provide the most stability and support. For those who don't need to lean on the walker for balance, they may wish to use a four-wheeled walker which allows the user to move at a faster pace, with hand brakes to make it easier to slow down or stop.
  • Hand rips of a walker
Most walkers with plastic grips may be quite slippery.  You may consider adding a foam or cushioned grip cover or anti-slip pad to disperse the pressure on the palm of the user while reducing the feeling of force on both hands when walking, making it more comfortable to the user.

Source: Associated Medical Supplies Co Ltd

  • Adjusting a walker
To find out whether your walker is of the right height, place your hands on the grips and check your elbow bend. Your elbows should bend at a comfortable angle of 10-15 degrees.  Of course the height can be adjusted anytime till it fits you well.

When using a walker, keep your back upright. Don't hunch over the walker. Lightweight but robust walker frames would make it easy to pick up the walker for moving forward or to fold up for storage.
  • Materials of the walker
The material used for making the walker should be light and solid, which makes it easy to lift or fold up when walking.
  • Bi-level grip walker
Some walkers are designed with two levels of hand grips. The lower-level grips can be used to push oneself up from a seated position while the upper-level grips provide support for walking. With the help of a bi-level grip walker, those who have sufficient upper body strength can get up on their own.
  • Front wheels
The front-wheeled walker is a great option for individuals with weaker upper limbs but a better sense of balance.
  • Walker accessories
Walker accessories such as pouches, seats and baskets are available to meet individual needs.
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