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Many Hong Kongers are travel-lovers. For people of the green-aged group, travelling with friends is pretty common. However, visiting various countries may need vaccination records and negative COVID-19 results due to the epidemic, making travelling more difficult. If you plan to travel, you can use the ehealth and iAM Smart systems to check electronic vaccination records upon requirement.

A system developed by the HKSAR government, the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth), provides an electronic platform that aims to build up free and lifelong electronic health records for Hong Kong citizens. As a result, healthcare providers and professionals can access participants’ health records when it is needed. These sharable data include personal identification and demographic data, allergies and adverse drug reactions, diagnosis, procedures and medication, encounters/appointments, clinical notes/summaries, birth and immunisation records, laboratory and radiology reports, other investigation reports and healthcare referrals.
The electronic health record has the participant’s birth and immunisation information, including details of all the vaccines taken.
To register eHealth via the COVID-19 vaccination programme, bring your identity document to the Community Vaccination Centre or relevant clinics to complete the identity verification. To complete registration, confirm with the staff that you have read and understood the relevant information and has given the joining consent to eHealth.
To receive notifications from eHealth, please ensure that the phone number you registered in eHealth can receive SMS. After receiving an SMS informing you that your eHealth has been successfully created, You can download “eHealth" App and view your health record anytime, anywhere.
Here are four steps to view your COVID-19 vaccination records via the eHealth app:
1. Click “Get Started” on the login page and input your personal information as instructed
2. Fill in the One-Time Password received through your communication means
3. Assign your username and password
4. You can now login to “eHealth” and show the COVID-19 vaccination record QR code via the App
iAM Smart
"iAM Smart" provides a one-stop personalised digital services platform, enabling users to log in and use online services conveniently with their mobile phones.
Users of iAM Smart can make use of online services provided by "iAM Smart". Its functions include authentication, digital signing and "e-ME" form-filling. These services help users log in to different accounts online without having to repeatedly remember names and passwords, filling in the same personal details, and digitally signing with legal backing.
It was expected that by mid-2021, users could access about 110 online government services through the iAM Smart system.
You can register the iAM Smart system via three methods: Mobile app, Self-registration Kiosk and Registration Service Counters (Locations) or Mobile Registration Teams.
Download electronic vaccination and testing record through "iAM Smart"
Open the "iAM Smart" mobile app, login with your "iAM Smart" account then select the "COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination and Testing Record System" service on the mobile app. Follow the instructions to authenticate their identity to download their electronic vaccination records and the latest testing record. For the download workflow of records, please click here.
COVID-19 testing and travel restrictions
Due to current COVID-19 situation, different countries have their own entry regulations and travel restrictions, such as:
  • Some countries may need passengers to provide negative COVID-19 test results within 72 hours of entering
  • Compulsory quarantine measures may be required after entry
  • Some countries only allow passengers who have been vaccinated to entry
At present, there are 18 community testing centres in each district. Residents only need to make an appointment online and bring their HKID card and the SMS message to the testing centre. However, if you are going to travel abroad, remember to bring your passports and other required travel documents to record the test result. For locations of community testing centres and booking, please click here.
For locations of community testing centers and booking, please click here.
For details of entry restrictions and quarantine measures in countries, please refer to the following webpages:
Cathay Pacific
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eHealth (COVID-19 Vaccination Programme)
iAM Smart