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The reason why Hong Kong is often said to be densely populated is that we only see the parts of Hong Kong with commercial areas packed with high-rises and densely populated residential areas. In fact, only 20-30% of Hong Kong is urban or built-up land. If we look at the map, we will see that green zones and country parks occupying over 40% of Hong Kong’s 1,111 square kilometres land area, comprising 24 country parks, 22 special areas, four marine parks and one marine reserve. This city-rural ratio is one of the highest in Asian cities. Therefore, hiking, outdoor activities, excursions, or even water sports are important leisure activities for Hong Kongers and tourists alike.
There are many outings which are suitable all year round for people at different ages and varying physical capabilities. Here are some hiking routes suitable for the green-aged group. When you can leave your work behind and immerse yourself in nature, you may consider joining the guided tours organized by NGOs or one-day local tours offered by travel agencies.
Regardless of age, hiking can strengthen physical fitness and endurance, so that you can regain physical vitality. Hiking does not mean walking on the longest route or climbing the highest mountain. It can be done in a leisurely way to enjoy the beautiful scenery, to stroll in the countryside and breathing the smell of nature. Even inexperienced hikers can have an enjoyable time by starting with an easy route, and move on to other routes based on one’s own interests and capabilities. Always find companions to go hiking together as it is safe and also great fun. Don't forget to check out Hiking Preparations and Contingency measures before you go.
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