The reason why everyone says Hong Kong is densely populated is that we only see the side of Hong Kong with high-rises packing the commercial area and densely populated residential areas. If we open the map, we will see that green zones and country parks occupying 40% of Hong Kong’s total land area of 1,107 square kilometres, including 23 country parks, 15 special areas, four marine parks and one marine reserve. This city-rural ratio is one of the highest among Asian cities. Therefore, hiking, outdoor activity, exploration, or even water sports are important leisure activities for Hong Kongers and tourists alike.
Leaving your work behind, you should try immersing yourself in outings that escape from the buzz of the city. There are both short and long outings which are suitable all year round. There are also guided tours organized by specific groups. Don't forget to consult the Hiking Guide before you go.

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Hiking route – Cape Collinson to Siu Sai Wan (Isabel LEE)
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