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Communication is the foundation of interpersonal relationship.  We can communicate verbally or in writing, and by actions or body language such as posture, facial expression, smile, gaze, tone and so on.  Whether you can establish interpersonal relationships with others, maintain and develop it into the future depends entirely on how you communicate.
Tips for good interpersonal relationship
Interpersonal relationship taboos

Tips for good interpersonal relationship
In fact it is not too difficult to have good relationships with others.  As long as you have the following “good qualities”, others will naturally accept you, be willing to interact with and befriend you.
✓ Keep an open mind, reach out and accept others; try new things and keep abreast of the latest trends and developments.
 Be sincere in your treatment of people or tasks, do not say one thing and do another.
 Smile and be friendly.  A smile can relieve a tense atmosphere.  Being pleasant to others will enable us to live in harmony.
✓ Respect yourself and respect others.  Respect one another and accept other’s feelings, opinions, beliefs and customs.
 Be generous to yourself and be kind to others.  Life has its good times and bad times.  When you are frustrated, maintain an optimistic attitude and be positive.  If someone is upset, offer care and be kind to them.  Encourage and support one another.
 Be tolerant and broad-minded.  Do not be too mindful with other’s  recklessness, and do not get upset over small things.  Be open to other people’s suggestions, do not be stubborn or obstinate with your own views.
 Listen to others patiently, do not change topic abruptly.  Be helpful and ready to share your experience.
 Have empathy, think in someone else's shoe and sympathise with them.
 Try to find out other's good qualities, show more appreciation and encouragement, make less negative criticisms and do not be picky.
 Interpersonal relationship taboos
If you always have trouble making friends, or your interactions with others are always superficial, or they even shun your presence, then you must have some of the following 'special qualities' which keep others away.  Let’s see how many of them do you have:
 Show a emotionless and poker face, lacking in smile, ignore and turn others away.
 indifferent to both people and things; you simply do not care.
  Have a tendency to shoot down others' ideas, refuse to accept a belief or custom that is different from yours and always think that you are right.
  Do not care about others’ feelings or are impolite.
  Criticize and picky with others, and think that this can prove your superiority.
 Think that you have absolute entitlement to special privileges and accommodation by others because of your age and status.
  Think that taking advantage of others is not a bad thing, but refuse to be taken advantage of.
  Are nosy about other's family matters and reveal other’s privacy.
  Always talk behind people's back and create disputes.
  Are long-winded and repetitive, like to remind people of their misdeeds in the past; self-centered, quick to get angry, narrow-minded.
  Enjoy getting rewards and being boastful, always compare with others; be easily jealous.
  Are moody and temperamental, always ask others to accommodate you for everything; be easily suspicious.
  Often pity yourself but ready to blame others.