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In this fast-paced, ever-changing society, learning to slow down, take up a good book, put on a bit of music and feel the beauty at the moment is indeed an enjoyable thing to do. provides a platform for literature-lovers to share the words that can purify peoples' hearts.

By participating in our monthly poem competition, not only to improve your literary cultivation but also meet new friends and appreciate the beauty of life in poetic ways. Any poems contributed by our readers will be assessed by senior Chinese scholars for selecting the best one. The winning poem will be published on Poetry World and our Facebook page.

Readers can write poems based on our selected photo, which is the theme of the monthly poetry competition. If you are interested in participating in the competition, please contact us directly by email, or send us a message via our Facebook.


Winning poems

We have received many poems each month since had established. Thanks to the support from readers, it is in our motivation to keep as a platform for admiring poetry.

To relive winning poems in past months, please check out Poetry World

Poems from readers

For, all of our readers' poems are memorable. Therefore, in addition to the monthly winning poems, we have a special page for retaining past poems that readers have submitted.

You can read the poems contributed by readers in the past months through the following pages. We hope that you can find ideas and inspiration in writing poems by reading these poems.

2019 poems

2020 poems


Share your poem with us

We publish the theme photo of the poem competition on our Facebookon the first Tuesday of each month. The winning poem will be announced on the last Tuesday of each month.

If you are interested in contributing poems or photos, please contact us.