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The following are areas which require attention while receiving palliative care, and services on palliative care provided by the Government and institutions.
Service Application or Referral Procedure

Persons who want to seek palliative care service can apply for/seek referral through the following procedures:
  1. Through the doctor’s diagnoses that the patient’s situation is approaching a late stage
  2. Initiated by the patient or recommended by the attending doctor for palliative care treatment
  3. The responsible doctor fills out the referral form for palliative care service
  4. Submit the form to palliative care service centers
  5. Arrange for professional consultation and assessment by professional doctors and nurses
  6. Provide appropriate service according to the patient’s needs and conditions (palliative daycare service, in-patient palliative care, home basis palliative care, outpatient palliative care and palliative medical consultation) 
There are currently 16 hospitals under the Hospital Authority providing palliative care services Social welfare organizations also provide various types of palliative care services for those in need: 
  1. Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care
  1. Tung Wah Group of Hospital — Community Support Program
  1. St. James’ Settlement Continuing Care—Home Care Service
  1. Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society 
  1. Haven of Hope Christian Service
  1. ‘Life Rainbow’ End-of-life Community Care Project
Choice during Palliative Care
When the advanced patients are receiving treatment service, they can make an“Advance directives” agreement when they are mentally capable of making decisions.  The agreement states that when they are not able to make decisions while they are at the terminal stage, in a vegetative state or in long-term coma, etc., they can refuse life-sustaining treatments in specified circumstances including DNR (Do not resuscitate), no intravenous drip or throat feeding.
In sum, death is not a cross line on the life support machine, but the drawing of a complete dot on life.  We may not be able to anticipate the end of a lifetime, but we can choose to end our life comfortably and with dignity.

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