Mushrooms (fresh)
choy sum
oyster sauce
spring onion
chicken powder
  1. Wash choy sum and cut off the hard part.
  2. Cut the top of mushrooms with tip of knife. Chop garlic and spring onion finely.
  3. Add choy sum into the boiling water (Do add some oil and salt in the water to keep the vegetable green.)
  4. Remove choy sum and scald mushrooms.
  5. Heat wok and stir fry chopped garlic with oil.
  6. Add choy sum and season with chicken powder.
  7. Place cooked choy sum on a plate.
  8. Add oil to wok and stir in spring onion and garlic. Add oyster sauce and stir fry over low level till aromatic. Then add some water and soya sauce.
  9. Add in mushrooms and stew for 5 minutes until aromatic and season with a little sugar.
  10. Mix cornstarch with a little water and add into mushroom and boil until slightly thickened. Pour mushroom with sauce over choy sums and serve.