By Natalie Wong, Translated By Alistair Woo
From the perspective of one who uses an electric wheelchair, I believe that it suits me as good as a pair of legs; a trustworthy partner. When I have free time, it allows me to go out with friends, go shopping, have a nice afternoon tea, and take me pretty much anywhere, breaking through prior restriction and adding a little more fun and colour to life.
The average person's impression of an electric wheelchair is that it is relatively high-end, expensive, and bulky. However, with the ever-changing design of electric wheelchairs today, the styles are more diversified than before; the prices are of a more reasonable and affordable price than in the past, quality considered.
Currently, electric wheelchairs are mainly divided into two categories: foldable electric wheelchairs and functional electric wheelchairs. The former is becoming more and more popular due to the small living spaces in Hong Kong. It is easy to operate and easy to collect, and therefore very suitable for the elderly. The latter is more powerful and suitable for people with specific needs, but not as portable or convenient as the former. However, no matter which type of wheelchair you choose, they do not have to be restricted to the local area, but can also be used abroad.
In my opinion, I would choose a foldable, lightweight and stable body; easy to operate, flexible to move in a narrow space, and economically affordable.Additionally, electric wheelchairs do not have to be restricted to the local area, but can also be used abroad. I believe that these are also the ideal purchase conditions and concerns of the general public, to which these type of wheelchairs are perfect.
Recently, I saw some folding electric wheelchairs designed and patented by the United States on the Internet, which combined the purchase conditions I care most about into one electric wheelchair. Some information about this wheelchair is that the total weight does not exceed 23kg (including the battery), the maximum load is 120kg, the charge is less than 4.5W/hour, and you can drive a total of 16 km before needing to recharge. Other design advantages include:
  • Easy to take onto the MTR
  • Safe loading
  • Ramp that goes up and down + electromagnetic brake
  • Adjustable anti-reverse wheel
  • Hand push / electric dual energy input
  • Quick release lithium battery (which can be taken out and charged separately)
  • Easy-to-operate controller (w/ anti-theft function

(Pull the steel wire behind the wheelchair and push the back of the chair to fold it)

In Hong Kong, where there is little land and many people, not all shops and restaurants are equipped with barrier-free facilities. A lightweight, foldable, and flexible chair-equipped electric wheelchair is indeed a convenience for many users and their peers and can lead to many more choices on where to go out to.
The use of electric wheelchairs is no longer another "invisible obstacle" in life, and is no longer limited to being a support for life. It is a companion who encourages me and others to enjoy life and bravely step out of our comfort zones and to broaden our horizons. 
Some people will compare their beloved private car to their "wife". It is human nature to buy, be very serious, and choose cautiously and carefully. After all, everyday access to and usage of it depends on many different factors. In fact, the act of choosing an electric wheelchair is also an option. The needs of each user and the requirements for wheelchairs may vary, meaning that whatever type of wheelchair you get can change the rest of your life. Therefore, when choosing an electric wheelchair, don't be casual, let alone. Depending on your situation, choose the most suitable one, and you can use it to your heart’s desire for a longer time in the future.