Interviewee: Grace Pow
Interviewer: Pauline Ng

In early 2020, I was so astonished when my dear friend, Grace Pow, told me she would retire. Has she reached retirement age already? I asked myself. I have known Grace for almost 20 years. When I first met her, she was teaching English Language at our alma mater, Good Hope School. Sr Mary Olga Lam was then the Principal. After some years, Grace became the Vice Principal. Since then, she worked closely with the School Leadership Team to help students extend their limits and strive for excellence.
‘I am going to start a new chapter in life. There is so much there for me to explore and experience. In school, I devoted most of my time to students’ character building and wellbeing which are crucial for nurturing young leaders. After my retirement, I want to continue pursuing such meaningful work.”

Working after retirement gives Grace more flexibility to take up different posts based on her schedule. Before she officially retired, a lot of friends have already invited her to join various organisations, e.g. The Hong Kong Aerospace Leaders Association (HKALA). Grace agrees with its mission to encourage youngsters to cultivate their knowledge about aerospace and explore new opportunities. Currently, she is the Executive Director of HKALA to help liaise with schools and offer administrative support. She is also involved in English Language curriculum design and positive education with other stakeholders.

In December 2020, Grace and two of her young friends, Mandy Chan and Jenny Ma, established PowPow Storyland to publish character building printed books and audio e-books for young readers. “We aim to instil positive values into children aged between 3 and 7 through tailor-made stories. Our goals are to help them develop a positive self-image, build strong interpersonal relationships as well as understanding their roles and obligations within their family, school and community. We hope young readers will understand that love, hope, joy and gratitude are the foundations upon which a meaningful life is built on.

“It is my dream to publish the Joyful Kids series,’ said Grace. ‘Many parents cannot accompany their children because of their hectic schedule. The outbreak of COVID-19 has also exerted heavy burden on families. It is really necessary for children to learn how to be more tolerant and resilient when facing all changes.” Owing to the pandemic, parents have spent more time at home. They can read story books with their children to nurture their creativity. This is the best way to help them grow and develop.

‘Apart from printed books, we will also produce audio ebooks so that children can listen to and practise English more frequently. Besides, we notice that a lot of grandparents love to listen to stories, too. Audio ebooks provide them with a chance to share with their grandchildren about good practices in daily life, e.g. being polite and responsible. This will also help to strengthen their bonds.

Grace has started her new life. With her teaching experiences, she will move her mission forward so that children can grow and learn happily.