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Having worked hard in all our younger years, it is time that we do something to please ourselves. This page provides a comprehensive guide on how to find joy in life through various means. In Chasing Dreams, our chief editor Pauline Ng starts this series with her experience in pursuing her dreams after reaching the “green age”. We welcome contributions from our readers of any stories which will inspire other retirees.
Those who are about to retire or have retired can explore other opportunities in life by reading the Lifelong Learning section, which includes Interest Classes and Courses and Seminars, and the Lifelong Working section, which included Jobs for the Retired and Voluntary Work. Through continued employment and community service, you can transfer your wealth of knowledge and experience to the younger generation, which makes your later life far more meaningful than just hanging around every day.

We encourage our readers to pursue a colourful life after retirement, so we have a wide range of resources to help you explore different performing arts and things the “green age” group likes most. You can also go through our Quotes and Photos for inspiration, or the list of Free resources to make the most of the time you spend online.
Personal Image is very important. We provide tips on how people in the “green age” group can continue to look fabulous and remain active in social and family gatherings, cultural and recreational activities, as well as community work. With a positive personal image, one can always walk on the street with great confidence despite his or her age, body shape, or mobility.

Lifelong Learning: Learn about educational courses and interest classes suitable for the "green age" group

Lifelong Working: Learn about jobs for the retired and volunteering

Chasing Dreams: Find out how Chief Editor Pauline Ng pursues her dreams

My most favourite things: Learn about things that may nourish your mind, including poetry, movies, books, flowers and plants, keeping fish, watching birds and DIY.

Personal Image: Learn about fashion and personal upkeeping for the "green age" group