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Good planning is essential for a full and rewarding life. One would have peace of mind when one is financially sound. This page provides information on asset management including advice from experts. While this can only serve as handy reference, we do need reminders on how we can manage our personal finance wisely. It is only through good management of our assets that we could move on to the next stage of life without worries.
No matter what your current financial position is, it is always useful to know the benefits available for the elderly in the place we live. Go through the Allowances and Subsidies for the Elderly section to learn about what is available for elderly citizens in Hong Kong. Don’t forget to read the Special Offers for Senior Citizens section to learn about latest special offers for senior citizens.

Asset Management: Learn about how you can manage your personal finance wisely
Allowances and Subsidies for the Elderly: Learn about benefits for the elderly in Hong Kong
Special Offers for Senior Citizens: Learn about latest special offers in the city