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Chief editor interviews Yim Ho about diet and sports

On 14 August 2021, our Chief editor Pauline Ng was invited by Kai Tak Sports Initiative to host the third Yim Ho Sports and Regime Workshop at KITEC. During the workshop, Yim Ho shared his views on how to incorporate diet and sports to everyday lives. He demonstrated exercises that can help relieve shoulder, neck and knee pains. There was also a lively Q&A session between him and the audience. The workshop has been recorded and the video is available online (Please click here).

UF volunteers and friends visiting Tai O

On 27 June 2021, 28 volunteers and friends of participated in a Heritage Tour at Tai O organized by the Tai O Heritage Hotel. We assembled early on that day at Whampoa and, after completing our Health Forms, boarded a coach for Tai O and headed for Tai O Village. After arrival, we met the Ambassadors from the Hotel and were divided into two groups, each led by a local guide, and walked along the waterfront to revisit the history of this fishing village known for its interconnected stilt huts built on the water. Despite COVID-19 and fewer visitors, it had no effect on the great joy of our group in touring on sampans and taking photos of this beautiful “Venice 2.0”. 
We visited the well-known Temple of Kwan Yu and the mural walls on various spots of Tai O, but the most memorable site was obviously the spectacular Tai O Heritage Hotel. Many of us wasted no time in making enquiries about booking their hotel rooms for a good Staycation. At around 4 pm, we had to say goodbye to our two highly dedicated local guides, accompanied by a frock of beautiful cows and brought our fond memories of Tai O back to town. We are most thankful to the hospitality of Tai O Heritage Hotel and the sponsorship of Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation.

Chief editor interviews Yim Ho about sports and health

On 9 July 2021, our Chief editor Pauline Ng hosted the second Yim Ho Sports and Regime Workshop. During the workshop, Yim Ho shared a number of healthy tips that are suitable for both the young and the old, including tips on correcting posture, food that is good for the digestive system and diets that help us keep fit. The workshop, organized by Kai Tak Sports Initiative, has been recorded and the video is available online (Please click here).

Chief editor interviews Yim Ho about how to stay young and healthy

On 14 November 2020, our Chief editor Pauline Ng interviewed Yim Ho about how to stay young and healthy. Yim Ho mentioned that it is important for us to have a regular diet and do appropriate exercise regularly. Most important of all, we have to stay positive and find ways to relieve stress. The interview, organized by Kai Tak Sports Initiative, has been recorded and the video is available online (Please click here).

OPCFHK annual donor reception

On 27 May 2019, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) held their annual donor reception at the Residence of the Chief Secretary for Administration. Upper Fusion has been a supporter of the OPCFHK to help promote among the green-age group opportunities to serve as volunteers in their conservation projects and community education programmes. If you are passionate about wildlife and nature, you can make annual or monthly donations or become a member of Friends of the Foundation.

Sharing with Luk Chun Fai on ways to achieve worry-free retirement

26 January 2018, rainy. Almost a hundred readers of Luk’s new book《退休做中產》attended the Book Launch-cum-Sharing organized by Ming Pao Publications in collaboration with and Momentum 107. Apart from sharing Luk’s dynamic experience after stepping into retirement, attendees also benefitted a lot from Dr Tsang Yuen Chong’s sharing of investment and financial management.  Other speakers included Ms Pauline Ng, founder of Upper Fusion and Chief Editor, who introduced to the audience.  There was very enthusiastic questions and answers after the speeches, which gave great insight on how retirement can be made a time to enjoy life and a way to reward one’s hard work. participated in the Age-Friendly Promenade organized by Central & Western District Council

On 2 February 2018, the coldest day of this winter, staff of were not the slightest affected in their participation at the Age-Friendly Promenade organized by the Central & Western District Council in collaboration with the Golden Age Foundation. The booth set up by was among the dozens of booths along the dried seafood street in Sheung Wan where different types of elderly products and services were displayed.  We took the opportunity to introduce the contents in  Despite the chill, many passers-by visited our booth and showed great interest in our website. Their enthusiasm was a great boost to us and we were able to hand out all our eco bags and collect most valuable feedback.

Loving Family Handicraft Mooncakes 2017

Jointly with Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Plus, the event was held on 10 September 2017 (Sunday) in making, packing and distributing mooncakes to the elderly in the neighbourhood of Lei Yue Mun. 200 packs of low-sugar and low-oil bean paste and sesame mooncakes were made by hand starting from the early morning of that day with the help of the volunteers from and Lei Yue Mun Plus under the direction of a mooncake master. Joining the team of volunteers were Mr Stephen Sui, Miss Chan Kar Yung, Ms Pauline Ng, major sponsor Mrs NG LAU Yin Lan and quite a number of 2-generation and 3-generation families who filled Lei Yue Mun Plus with great joy and laughters.

You can sing

Renowned singer Sabrina Ng has been a singing teacher for over 10 years and her students are countless. Being a keen supporter of, Sabrina offered to conduct free introductory singing sessions “You can Sing” for readers.  When the news was out, requests for reservation of places kept coming. As a result, we had to hold 4 sessions in October and November 2017. Big thanks to Sabrina!  
Those who attended “You can sing” at Sabrina’s Studio at Fortress Hill brought away lifelong skills after only spending an hour with Sabrina.  The skills include singing naturally without vocal strain, breathing at the right place, listening to the beat and, most important of all, enjoying the superb demonstration by Sabrina.