Lamb (cubes)  300g
Radish       300g
Stalk of scallion   30g
Ginger          20g
Garlic           3 cloves
Cinnamon       5g
Barbary wolfberries  5pieces
Red dates          4pieces
Anise stars         2 pieces
Bay leafs          2 pieces
Chopped coriander   as needed
Rock sugar        10g
white wine        10ml
Soya sauce         10ml
Salt               as needed
  1. Scald lamb cubes in boiling water; wash and set aside.
  2. Wash and cut the radish into chunks.
  3. Cut the spring onion into sections; slice the garlic; peel and slice gingers. Stir fry them with anise stars, cassia bark and bay leaf in a heated wok. Add lamb cubes and fry them until brown, and remove lamb.
  4. Put all the fried spices into a cheesecloth bag and tide it up.
  5. Add the fried lamb cubes and the bag of spices into a stew pot with red dates, rock sugar, soya sauce and white wine. Then pour in water until it covers the ingredients. Boil them with high fire then stew with low fire for 60 minutes.
  6. Add radish and stew for 30 minutes until the radish is soft. Add barbary wolfberries and cook for 10 minutes. Then add salt for seasoning.
  7. Remove the spices bag and sprinkle chopped corianders.