Long cabbage      1 pc
Pork Collar-butt    1 catty
Lily buds          a handful
Black fungus       a handful
Mushrooms        few pieces
sliced ginger       few pieces
Fine vermicelli     a small bunch
Dry scallop        4 pc
Salt              1 tsp
Sugar             1 tsp
Soya sauce        1 tablespoon
Corn starch        2 tsp

  1. Soak lily buds, fungus, mushrooms and dry scallops for 2 hours. Cut the hard tip of lily buds, fungus and mushrooms. Tear scallops into thin shreds.
  2. Slice the pork. Marinate with salt, sugar, soya sauce and corn starch for a while. Soak fine vermicelli until soft, then cut half if they are too long.
  3. Add oil to a wok and heat with high flame. Stir fry the ginger. Add long cabbage to stir fry until it is a little soft.
  4. Place the cooked long cabbages, lily buds, fungus, mushrooms and dry scallops in a pot with 5 bowls of water.  Bring these ingredients to a boil over high flame.  When boiling, turn to medium flame and boil for another 20 minutes and add 1 tablespoon of chicken powder (if there is no dry scallop or scallop not tasty enough)  Cook for 5 more minutes till the taste of dried foods comes out.
  5. Add oil to a hot wok and stir fry the pork, then pour into the pot with the ingredients above and off the heat. Add the fine vermicelli towards the end.