Pumpkin        300g
Potatoes        2 pcs
Onion          1pc
Olive oil        appropriate amount
Bay leaf        3-4 pc
Chicken essence  2.5 teaspoon
Ham           as needed
Water          1 ml
Milk            as needed
  1. Shred the onion. Cut potatoes and pumpkin into small pieces.
  2. Place the potatoes and pumpkins in a pot. Pan fry the shredded onions with olive oil.
  3. Add the fried onions into the pot followed by water, bay leaf, chicken essence and cover the pot. Bring the ingredients to a boil over medium heat then simmer for 30 minutes until soft.
  4. Turn off heat and mash the ingredients, preferably in a blender. Add chopped hams and milk. Boil again with medium heat and serve.