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A life with quality is a form of realisation and perception that helps us appreciate this fantastic world and how much others have contributed to this world, so it is no wonder that many waste no time getting out of town as soon as they retire. The thought that one does not need to rush back for work is already an enjoyable experience. However, they would find that this is really no big deal after a while, especially when they need to spend so much money on such travels. As a matter of fact, if we care to look around, we would discover that there are a plethora of places right outside our doorstep worth visiting.


Whether travelling overseas or taking a tour locally, it is simply great to Step Out  of home and be the master of the world out there. This page provides information on Eco-Tourism and Heritage in Hong Kong, and selective Museums and Historic Monuments that are of particular interest to the "green age" group. Information on Local Guided Tours to visit these places is also provided.
Hiking, fishing and planting are excellent and healthy pastimes without costing you much. On this page, we provide a bundle of tips on Hiking, places for Fishing and Organic Farming suitable for the “green age” group.
For Travelling Overseas, we provide a series of Travel Tips, including information on Travel Documents, Visa Requirements, Travel Insurance, Boarding, etc. as a kind of checklists for “green age” travellers. Also, to facilitate planning for reunions among old schoolmates and family members, including elderly parents, we also provide information on Visiting Europe and Visiting Asia, with valuable tips on drawing up an appealing and age-friendly itinerary.
We are thankful for the contributions from friends who share their photos and travel memoirs with us in Feature Articles. In addition, we welcome readers to send us information and photos on Eco-Tourism sites, please don't hesitate to get in touch and Contact Us.