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At home, we normally cook simple dishes which are basic and not particularly tasty.  On holidays or festival seasons when family members and their children come back for meal gatherings, we will make special dishes for them.   Each family member may have different tastes and likes, with the younger ones being fond of crispy or sweetie dishes and the elderly preferring easy to chew and swallow food.  There may even be  vegetarians or those who dislike certain type of food.  All these have to be taken into account.  The best thing is for everyone to have food they enjoy and not taking care of only a particular need.
We can choose ingredients which are in season in order to give the most fresh and nutritious food to the family.  Take note of the portion’s size.  While the portion can be large and variety can be more, the consumption of the family members should take into account so as not to end up with lots of leftover and wastage.
In addition, let the younger children take part in cooking, such as mixing the sauce, making cookies, making desserts or dumplings together etc.  This would enhance the fun of cooking and the gathering’s atmosphere.