Choy sum      6 pieces
Dried mushrooms 2 pieces
Carrot          1/2 piece
Garlic           2 cloves
Soya sauce       1 tablespoon
Oyster sauce      1/2 tablespoon
Salt              as needed
  1. Soak mushrooms and chop finely. Chop garlic finely. Peel and chop carrot also finely.
  2. Cut off the leafy part of choy sum and keep only the stalks. Chop leaves of choy sum finely.
  3. In a wok with water enough to cover the stalks, add stalks with little salt when boiled. Scald the stalks and remove them when turning green and rinse under cool water. Drain and place on a plate.
  4. Stir fry garlic with oil in a wok. Add mushroom, oyster sauce, soya sauce and some water. Bring them to the boil over the high heat before reducing to low level. Add carrot and cook for 2 minutes. Add the choy sum leaves and stir fry with some salt till water reduced.
  5. Pour the mushroom mixture over  choy sum stalks and serve.