Pear                                       1pc
Zhu bei (pearl shell)           4g (in powder form)
Rock sugar                           as needed
Red date                               3pc
Oats                                       1 tablespoon
1.    Bring Zhu Bei and 200c.c water to a boil, then turn the heat to medium-low for 5 minutes until the liquid becomes white and thick.
2.    Peel the pear and keep the peels. Cut pear in halves and scoop the core. Place rock sugar in the core as appropriate.
3.    Place the peels at the base of a stewing pot. Stand the pear on top of the peels.
4.    Pour the Zhu Bei soup over the pear. Cover the stewing pot and double boil in 200c.c water for 40 minutes.
5.    In another pot, boil red dates (pitted), oats and cooked pear in 2000 c.c water.
6.   When oats are cooked, add pear juice to the porridge and serve.