(11 May 2019)

This is our second anniversary. We are happy to announce that our readership has reached 500,000 and readership clicks well exceeded one million in two years after launching. This would not have been possible without the support of our readers who generously shared with us their beautiful photos, inspiring stories and quotes, insightful snapshots of their experiences and useful news. All these liven the physical and mental health of the green-age group, paving the way for a happy and glorious later life. I personally must thank all my dear friends who help forward my weekly messages and Facebook posts to their families and friends and continue to give me kind responses despite their heavy schedules. Every thumb-up and smiling face in your responses has given me tremendous joy and encouragement.
In our first year of service, we were successful in building up our image and setting out a framework which covers a wide span of information to meet the needs of our green-age readers. In the past year, we have overcome our technical constraints and we now have a dedicated server to make our web portal more efficient and user-friendly. We have also started to produce in-house video clips on exercises and daily care for the elderly. We have also linked up with Government’s e-services to provide convenience for our readers. This is one big leap forward in making us a useful companion to all those who wish to live in a happy, healthy and smart environment.
The target of our third year is to step towards sustainability – in the collection and dissemination of useful information; in our support for businesses and activities which benefit young- and old-olds; and in the preservation of the values and culture which have made us who we are today. We shall be setting up dedicated pages for organisations and individuals whose services or creative works help nurture our well-being and self-growth. Our new page on New Life 330 launched on our second anniversary day, is an example of what we plan to do more in the coming year. We hope that through working in partnership with enterprises, we help promote the development of elderly products and services and make Hong Kong one of the most caring cities for the elderly, and at the same time make our services sustainable in the long run.

Pauline Ng, Founder and Chief Editor

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