(10 May 2020)
May has arrived. It has been three years since we started in 2017. Our readership rose from zero to 443,000 in May 2019, and to 630,000 in May 2020. This is a figure we never imagined we could achieve. Our initial intention when establishing this web portal was merely to provide a communication channel for retirees and carers of elderly persons to find the information they require and to give them support. Now we have become the friends of our readers and a main source of information on all aspects of keeping us healthy and happy.
The past year was a challenging year for the youngs and olds. The turmoil on the streets has torn our hearts, yet the way we fought against COVID-19 together has been most encouraging. What happened last year reminds us, the green-age group, that we also need to get prepared to be living on our own. Social distancing in the past few months has provided a rehearsal of how we could keep ourselves safe and stay in touch with others through electronic and other modern devices. Many have become fantastic cooks and home-gardeners. Online courses and entertainment are getting so popular, and shopping as well. This is what ageing at home is meant to be. Immobility should never be an obstacle to a quality life. When we are able to go outdoor, we would have the best of both worlds.
In the year to come, we would focus more on self-development and home-improvements. We would also enrich our directory of local travels especially for the wheelchair-bound. We welcome ideas from our readers to make a home library for everyone.

Pauline Ng, Founder and Chief Editor

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