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(14 May 2023)
With immense joy, we celebrate our Sixth Anniversary, reflecting on the humble beginnings of our website and expressing our gratitude to our lovely readers. Back in mid-2010, we witnessed how family members and caregivers scrambled to locate services and products for their ageing parents or patients. This prompted me to embark on a mission to make information accessible to elderly persons and caregivers, with the ultimate goal of making their lives happier and healthier. As a result, our website,, was launched on Mother’s Day 2017, a year after intensive preparations.
Since then, our readership has grown significantly, reaching an impressive milestone of 1.45 million. The Hong Kong Government has now prioritised accessibility to information on elderly services, making it an opportune time for us to further enhance the quality of life for all. We recognise that for retirees and those with a wealth of life experience, passing down knowledge to the next generation is vital. To achieve this, we must first understand our culture and traditions and use this knowledge to tell our stories and leave a lasting legacy.
As we enter our seventh year, we have restructured our website, introducing a new theme: Heritage. We aim to provide an overview of different aspects of Chinese culture, enabling us to build a memory lane of various achievements by individuals in developing and modernising our culture. We welcome stories in multiple formats, including writings, photos, and videos, to inspire future generations and enhance our quality of life.
Our readers have been a constant source of inspiration and support, providing invaluable feedback on our selection of photos, quotes, and essential information, even during difficult times. So, we vow to walk with you on all sunny and rainy days, providing valuable insights and guidance along the way. We invite you to stay connected with us and share our website with your loved ones as we continue to make life easier and more meaningful for everyone. Our gratitude knows no bounds.
Pauline Ng, Founder and Chief Editor

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